Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boo Hiss

I'd love to be posting fabulous pictures of all the new things I've been doing...but unfortunately I cannot. A few nights ago I tried to dump some new pictures from our camera on to the computer, and realized that the battery in our camera has died. Well, we have looked high and low and cannot seem to find the charger for the we can't use our camera. Stink E. Pete. I do hope one day soon to be able to document our simple, small lives on camera and share it with you, but alas today is not the day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Apologies

So, I get bothered when people have blogs, but they don't regularly update them...lo and behold, I'm guilty of this myself it seems. My excuse is that no one actually reads this it's ok. But really, this past weekend I was really not feeling well, so I didn't get all that much crafting done. Then, the past few days have been so busy. At present, I'm sitting at my embroidery machine, waiting the last letter to finish for a runner...I've been here for 4 straight hours tonight. HOLY COW! There are a ton of stitches in this runner. It's for someone at church, this week we have our Global Impact Celebration going on, and they need it for their definitely a good cause, but my goodness, a labor of love. I even had to send John on a thread run a couple hours ago, because this project took more than one spool.
In other news, my most fabulous husband did something very sweet for me. He bought me a super nice software for my machine! So now I will be able to do a million times the things I could before...this is going to totally change what I'm able to accomplish. I'm so stankin' excited...he's so great! I just love that boy! :) It actually makes me feel really good. Sometimes I feel like I come up with these crazy, insane ideas and he always has to hear about them...then of course my lack of confidence kicks in and I feel like some ideas are futile and he's too sweet to say otherwise. But, him getting this for me (and out of the blue) makes me feel like he really believes in me and what I'm doing...and that I can do it. So, Bubba, I love you so much...and I'm so thankful for you and my gift!
I do have a few pictures to post...I'll do that tomorrow or Friday. I made my first pillowcase dress. I hope to make many more of those, among some other things I've got brewing. :)
However, my runner just finished...and I need to get to bed. I've got spin class at 6am. Good night!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Past Few Days

I've been working very hard lately to catch up on some projects...and since the list of projects I have outstanding never seems to stop growing, I'm pretty sure I'll be busy for a while.

This onesie and bib are for a sweet girl from church, who is having her second baby in October - Hannah Abigail. I just love the font on that onesie.

Cade is turning 1! John Mark and Brigitte asked me to do a birthday shirt for their little man, Cade, who is turning 1 on Friday. He's having a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party, so this fabric seemed perfect.

This little train T is a present for Cade. Since no one actually reads this blog, I figure it's safe to go ahead and post it before they actually receive it. I just love the button wheels. I hope they enjoy this one too. I'm working on one more shirt for a present for him, but haven't quite finished it yet. I'll post pics when I do.

Tonight we went to the hospital to visit with some friends who had their baby girl a few weeks early. I couldn't stand the thought of going empty-handed, so this afternoon I whipped up a couple things for them...this little onesie and burpcloth. I also took a mug for Leigh Ann, which will be in the next picture. We're praying for both mom and baby to remain healthy and grow stronger in the coming days.

This is something new I'm mugs. I'm super happy with how they've turned out. Although you can't see the entire name or monogram, I think you get the idea. One of these was for the mama in the hospital...and the other is for Cade's mama. She's been working really hard putting this birthday party together, so I thought she deserved a little treat too. I hope they enjoy!

Some of the things I've been working on the past few days. I forgot to take pictures, but I did just finish a little backpack/purse for a friend's daughter. I am making another one for I'll be sure to post pics of that one. They're pretty cute. Until next time....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Time for Everything....

So, I decided to dive into the great big world of blogging and share with you some of my creations. I have been walking this road of creating new and fun things for about a year now. Periodically I get asked if people can see pictures of what I'm working on, etc. This is my chance.