Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gift Sets

I recently got to do 3 different orders of gift sets (bib and burp cloth sets) for some little ones that live around the south. Actually one of my friends' mom placed the orders, she lives in Mississippi, and I got to send them on to their new homes. It was such a fun order...I loved it!
For these sets I made the bib and the burp cloth with the same design. First up is the girl in the group, Meila. I used my birdie applique again.
Next up is Tate. Is that not the cutest name? I love it. Tate got a cute whale.
Last was Duke, another great name! He got a sailboat. I love it...and for some reason I didn't get a picture of the bib. But it looked the same.
I really enjoyed doing these orders...and look forward to more in the future. If you're ever in need of a baby gift, let me know!

Monday, June 28, 2010


A couple outfits I did last week. I was trying out a new supplier and thought I'd test these little baby onesie/dress combos and rompers for little boys. The jury is still out, but I've made a few things and thought I'd show them to you.
First is the little dress; I made this one for Claire. I used a reverse applique like I've done a few times.
Close-up. As I think about it, I'm pretty sure every time I've used this circle reverse applique I haven't gotten a picture of it, so this may be your first time to see it. I'm so in love with that flower's Summer Song from Riley Blake Designs.
Here's the little romper. I did this one for Cade...and I love the whale.
And another close-up.
Lastly, another onesie I just made for Claire. And I abso-stankin-lutely love this one. I love the birdie applique. I love the yellow stripes and the turquoise fabric...and the way they look against each other. I'm just so happy with this one.
Isn't it so cute?!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Recently I was asked to take some plain bibs and make them cute for little Claire. I did a mix of monograms and names...and had fun with it. So, here you go...(oh and by the way, some of these are really poor quality pictures, my apologies)
My little birdie is back again. It's been a while since I've used her, but I love her every single time. I did this in the same lavender seersucker and avocado green that I used on Addyson's birthday dress. I'm loving those colors together right now.
She asked specifically for one bib to be in red. I went back and forth with what to do on this one, then settled on just stitching and not adding a fabric for the applique. I knew she wanted it to match a few things specifically and was afraid some of the other colors in the fabrics might throw that off. I like the monogram in the frame just stitched out.
This picture is by far the worst, but it's the best I got....2 shades of pink.
It's been a big month for bibs...more to come soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Cute Tee

A friend asked me to make a little tee for her niece's birthday. All she asked for was not white, cute, and use either her name, a little C, or her monogram. Gosh I love orders like that!
And here's a close-up. I love that's part of the new-ish Summer Song line from Riley Blake, which I'm a huge fan of.
She's ordered 2 more shirts...when I've finished them, I'll get pics for you to see.
Sorry I've had short posts lately....I've just been trying to get you caught up on all I've been doing lately and didn't want just one gigantic post.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Addyson just turned 3! Last June, when she turned 2, I made my first-ever birthday shirt for her. And, oh my, it was just not very good. But, I've come a long way since then. This year Addyson was having a princess-themed I decided to take her birthday shirt to the next level. I made her a birthday dress.
Here's a close-up. I put a crown on the 3...for a little princess flair! The bottom is a purple and white seersucker...and I loved the pop of the green against it all.
We had the honor of hosting Addyson's birthday party at our house, thanks to our pretty good-sized backyard. Of course, it started pouring down rain right before the party was supposed to start. But, after not too awful long, it slacked off and we had a great time. We loved having everyone here...and just love little Addy. Here she is in her dress surrounded by some of the princesses that made an appearance at the party.
Unfortunately Belle has a little glare going on!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bibs, Bibs, Bibs

I got a big order from one of my regular customers, and I had so much fun with it. I had very few limitations with this order. There were 6 bibs total, 5 of them for boys and 1 girl. I had all their names but one...and color choices for the girl. So, here's what I came up, something different for everyone.
Charles got 2, so we'll start with him. First is a little steamboat.
Next is a new font I got from Lynnie Pinnie. I'm calling it my sky-writer...and I think it's pretty cute. What do you think? You'll see it again soon on another post.
Joel got another new font I got from Lynnie's a cute caterpillar with a letter in each dot. I like this font, but I'll start using more plain or solid color fabrics for the spots, as it is such a small applique, it can easily distract from the letters in the name. Either way I still like it.
Knox...what a cute name! Like I said, I don't anything about this babies or I was just picking things. I figured if your name is Knox, then tractors have to be ok, right? Honestly, there's no rational there...but I still think it's cute. (The way that part of the bib is folded under it looks off-center, but I's not). :)
Now for sweet Savannah. I was told that Savannah wants pink, brown, and ivory. So, I gave them pink, brown, and ivory. I love this frame...I plan to use it a lot. Cute, no?
My last little boy doesn't have a name yet. The only thing I was told is that his mom is a pilot for I took that and ran with it. It's brown corduroy...and I did my best to recreate the UPS symbol. Not too shabby. Actually, I really love this might be my favorite from the group.
So there's my bib order. Likes? Dislikes?

Sunday, June 13, 2010


One of my favorite things to make are baby gift sets. Recently a girl who I grew up with moved to Huntersville, near it's only a couple hours away from us. She asked me to make a baby gift set for a friend of hers having a baby in August. Baby doesn't have a name yet, but she really wanted penguins. So here you have it.
This baby gift set includes a bib, onesie, and burp cloth.
And here it is packaged together.
I hope she likes it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm sorry it's been so long, but I'm back...and I've got so much to catch you up on. I'll have a lot coming your way over the next few days.
Since the World Cup is going on, I thought we could start with Love Africa. Recently our church sent a group to Kijabe, Kenya for a mission trip. They asked me to design and stitch a patch to go on everyone's backpacks. There was a logo for Love Africa, so I designed the patch to be pretty similar. This is what I came up with...
I had to make a bunch of these. This is part of one a few backpacks wanted some other patches sewn on too.
They had really cool Mountain Hardware backpacks. Now we want some like them too. :)