Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Disney Magic

This will be a quick update. Just wanted to show you another little tee I stitched out recently. Our sweet friends are heading back home to Florida for Christmas. While they are there, they are going to Disney. Of course, Addyson had to have a sweet little Minnie tee. (Ignore all the stuff on the kitchen counter). :)
A close up view. I hope they have a fantastic time at Disney. They went a year or so ago, but I'm sure Addy will enjoy it even more as she's a little older.
We've got family here...and more coming tomorrow. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and get to spend it with friends and family. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rockin' Robin Tweet Tweetly-Tweet

For the record I had to look up the lyrics to that song cause I could not figure out how to write tweet-a-leet-a-leet, tweetlee-tweet-a-leet...ha! Back to other recent reversible a-line dress...which speaking of, I need to come up with a cute name for that dress. Anyone have any ideas?
So, here's the dress. This side is a sweet lime-y green corduroy. The straps and bias tape are a fuchsia and raspberry design. I love these colors's like a fantastic raspberry-limeade.
The monogram is in that same raspberry color.
And here is the other side.
Oh my word! Isn't that fabric fabulous!?! Oh, I can hardly stand how cute it is. I've actually had it for months, but haven't used it until now.
That strap/bias tape fabric ended up being the perfect coordinate. It's definitely not from the same line, I'm not even sure who makes the pink fabric. The birds is a Michael Miller piece. It all just works so well together.
I've got lots of this birdie case you're interested in something. Let me know. If not, seriously, isn't that dress ridiculous cute?!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

I am just loving the reversible a-line dress. You may remember I made some a few months ago, here. Well, I made a couple more recently and I just adore them. Here is the 'front' of one. It's a super cute pinky, coral-ish corduroy.
I did the monogram in an avocado-y green. I just love that 'G'...isn't it gorgeous?
And here's a little more detail of top. You can see the coordinating print that makes up the straps and the bias tape on the bottom too.
Here's a view of the reverse side...umbrellas! I absolutely love this fabric. I've used it before, but you haven't seen it. I made Addyson some capri pants and an umbrella top for her birthday several months ago, but never got pictures. Fail. Isn't this the sweetest fabric?!
More detail of the bottom. Oh...those colors and those! These are both Riley Blake fabrics from the Rainy Days and Mondays line...if you're interested. (And in case you wanted to get a little Karen Carpenter in your her!)
I think I'll wait and post on my other new dress tomorrow...give you something to look forward to! Until then...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweet Swing Top

Remember this picture I showed you yesterday?
Here is the total package...
I'm just so in love with this outfit. I think it's so stankin' cute! This is for my sweet friend Kendra's little girl, Kennedy. She wanted pink and green...and she wanted an outfit that Kennedy could wear all winter long, not just for Christmas. Totally wise, if you ask me. If you're going to invest money in a quality custom outfit, might as well get more use out of it. That's part of why I decided to make the ghost dresses reversible. Remember those?!
I absolutely love this top! I hope to make many more. So, if you're interested...I'm taking orders!?! I think it would be so cute in the spring and summer with a pair of capri ruffle pants. You'll see in another picture that I paired a long-sleeved shirt under this outfit.
Now, for a few details that I really love about this outfit. First of all, the double ruffle, especially with the coordinating fabric from the top.
Also, something you can't see from the exterior vantage point...the lining. Because we live in the mountains and it's ridiculously cold during the winter and I knew this outfit was only going to be worn during the winter, I lined the pants with flannel.
I also paired it with one of the snowgirl clips, like I made a ton of last year. She matches the little snowgirl on the front of the bodice so perfectly, don't you think?!
So, that is my super cute winter outfit that I just made for sweet Kennedy. I love it...and look forward to making more outfits similar to this. Interested in getting one?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boot Camp: Final

Well, it's finally here. Today was the last day for us to meet for Boot Camp. Now, technically this was our 6th meeting, but that means it has only actually been 5 weeks. Each week has been getting harder and harder and today was absolutely no exception. I mean, HOLY COW! Today was ridiculous. I honestly thought I would either collapse or throw up...both of those feelings made me exceedingly glad this was the last one. The reality is that I would love to move on to Phase 2 of Boot Camp, which starts in January, I'm just not sure that's in the cards for me. More on that another time.

So, are you ready for the final verdict? Here are the deets for how I faired:
Total weight lost: 8.4 lbs
Total inches lost: 7"
(1" in waist, 1" in hips, 1 1/2" each on thighs, 1" for each arm)
all in 5 weeks!

Now I will keep going, although, I'll probably be a little lenient every now and then. :) John's actually got a challenge from work to lose 5% of his body weight in 3 months, starting in January. With him having his own challenge, it will be even easier for me to keep going. I'll tell you about that later.

Ok, please check back tomorrow...I'm going to post about the cutest outfit I just made. I absolutely love it! Here's a little teaser for what's to come...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Yes, I have realized how terribly behind I am on this blog. Just bear with me...we'll get caught up, promise. I know we are way past Halloween, but I need to catch you up on something I made for some sweet girls. So a few weeks ago a sweet mom asked me to make her adorable twin girls a Halloween-y dress. She had seen a little girl at church with a jumper on with a cat face, but not the outline of the she asked if I was able to do something like that. So, we decided on a ghost.
But I decided that since Halloween is over so quickly, that it would be a really great idea to make the dress reversible. So, I put a super cute fabric on the other side and added the girls' monograms.
What do you think? I really love how they turned out.
I saw a picture of the girls with the Halloween side and they look fantastic! I can hardly wait to see them with the reverse. Twins are just so fun...isn't two great!?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boot Camp: Week 2

I'm back with a report on Boot Camp. Today is officially Week 3, Day I'm reporting on Week 2. The dreaded Week 2. If you have ever watched The Biggest Loser you know that they always refer to the second week as "dreaded week 2." Now I know why. It's not fair to say it was a dreadful week, but it certainly wasn't a fantastic week. I discovered today while we were at BC that most everyone in our group felt this way. I did a very good job of sticking with my diet and I was very diligent with my workouts, even better than last week. However, I have not lost any weight this week. Honestly, I'm not really down on myself about this (which is darn near miraculous for me). I have a little bit of biology working against me today (the kind that comes monthly), so that could be accounting for no drop in weight. I also think that because I did so well the first week, it was bound to happen that this would be a slow week. So...I'm gonna keep moving on.

Today's workout at BC was out of control. It's actually one of those workouts where you think, "good grief, surely I've lost at least 3 lbs in the last hour." It wasn't necessarily the most fun while we were doing it, but I felt awesome (and sore) afterward and like I had really given it my all. We did different stations for 2 min. each that included things like: tricep pull-downs, upright row, hula hoop (which I'm awesome at:)), clean and jerk, lunges with medicine ball, etc. Then we ran some, ran suicides, did squatting jumps...and went back through our stations again. Suffice it to say I was absolutely soaked when we were through...which isn't the greatest thing in the middle of the work day. But, if it's gonna help me lose weight and get healthier I'll do whatever it takes.

This week's homework is different strength training activities...although we are still to continue our interval homework from last week and of course our food homework from week 1. Honestly, the hardest part for me with the intervals is feeling pressure to do what the trainers have regimented for us versus something that will help me train better for the 5K. Basically, I'm not a runner, so I'm trying to improve as much as I can in time for the 5K. At this point, I'm modifying a running plan with the interval we'll see if that continues to work. I guess that about covers my update for this week. Until next time...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boot Camp

Today is officially Week 2, Day 1 of our Boot Camp. Basically, here is what that means...there is a group of 12 of us at work that has signed up for this program. We meet once a week, on Tuesdays during lunch, with 2 trainers. We do about an hour of interval training then spend some time talking about things like: food, diet, intervals, perceived rate of exertion, etc.

The most major changes that I have made, and all of us really, has to do with our eating habits. It's not as though they have taught us things I don't know about food (if you know me, you know I enjoy reading books about food, the chemicals in it, etc.). It's just that this time I am totally committed to the program...and to losing weight. And it's working! I'll tell you about that in a minute. First, I'll give you an idea of a typical day's worth of food for me.

Breakfast - egg white scramble or egg white omelet with veggies
Snack - apple with peanut butter
Lunch - spinach salad with fruits/veggies & nuts/seeds
Snack - almonds
Dinner - baked chicken
spinach salad
steamed broccoli

I really don't feel like I'm suffering with this, in fact, I feel really, really good. I have been eating spinach like it's going out of style. In a week we have finished 2 of those plastic containers from the grocery store. I'm going to have to go to Sam's for some this weekend...they sell those huge containers for like $3 a piece. Hello. For the record, it's not like I'm just super in love with spinach. In fact it was not all that long ago that I hated it, I would suffer through eating it just because I knew it was good for you and you're 'supposed' to eat it. I wouldn't say I'm craving it now. But I have eaten it daily, and most days twice, and I'm growing fond of it.

As far as my workouts go, I haven't changed all that much, I'm just working to remain more consistent with them. John and I are also going to run a 5K in a couple weeks, so we've started 'training' for that together. I really don't have any high or lofty goals for that race, basically I just want to finish...cause I am not a runner.

So there's a bit about Boot a nutshell. I'll check in and tell you more each week and update you on my status. In Week 1, I lost 6 lbs! I'm so excited about that. I certainly don't expect to lose anywhere near that over the next few weeks, but I do hope to keep losing some. So how about yall? Are you in the middle of any great workout/training programs? Or sticking to a new eating plan? Or perhaps thinking about running a 5K too?

Monday, November 8, 2010


Recently I made a little outfit for a sweet girl's 1st birthday...Ruby. Here's a peek.
And a closer look at the flounce pants. Is that not the cutest design on the fabric? I love the little details...the paisley, the birds, the flowers. I just love it.
I used the same fabric for the 'r' and a coordinating fabric for the background. Notice the birdie right behind the r. I just love these fabrics.
So there you have it. Tomorrow I'm going to tell you about something non-craft/sewing related. I'm in the middle of a 6-week boot camp...and I figure blogging about it will be an extra accountability for me. I'll check in every Tuesday, since that's the day we meet.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Go Rockets!

You may remember that a few months ago I did a custom rocket tee for a sweet little girl, Lauren, whose older brother plays baseball. Well, Lauren has another older brother (in fact she's got 4 older brothers), but she has one who plays football for the Rockets. So, naturally she needed a football tee to support her older brother. I decided to use their helmets as my inspiration for her design. They have green helmets with a rocket on the side that says 'rockets' on it.
Lauren calls her football-playin brother Jordan,, of course I had to put that across the back and his number is 20.
I hope she looks fantastic cheering on her big brothers! I'm certain she does. This girl has got the most gorgeous big curly hair. Lauren's also got a few more orders coming up for the holidays, so there's more in store for her.

Monday, October 11, 2010

8 is Great!

A couple weeks ago a sweet girl from church's son turned 8 and he wanted a birthday shirt. I was delighted to do the order for them. Often times people assume that applique and some of the things I do are only for children that are 5 or so and younger, but it's so nice to get the occasionally 'big kid' order. Ethan said he wanted a BIG 8 on the front of his shirt and his names BIG across the back like a jersey. I was happy to oblige.
And there you have it...pretty simple, but it made one boy very happy...and that makes me happy. He had an '8 is Great' party...isn't that cute?...and he looked oh so handsome, as usual.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Brother

We've got some friends who are expecting Baby! Well, kinda. I'm actually posting this today in hopes that the baby comes today and forever has the birthday 10-10-10...cause that would be awesome. Actually, mom was due on Friday...and I believe will be induced on Monday if baby is a no-show before then. Anyway, I digress...
Since this is Baby #2 for them, that's means their little guy Chase is going to be a big brother. (They are not finding out what the baby is until he/she makes his/her big arrival into the world). So a week or so ago, mom asked me to make a 'big brother' shirt for Chase. However, Chase LOVES sports, especially football, so she wanted a sports themed big brother shirt. The only thing she specifically requested was royal blue. Chase has got the most beautiful big blue eyes and this tee is going to look so great on him!
This is the first time I've incorporated a theme into a sibling shirt, and I've got to say it's pretty fun. I think Chase is going to be a fabulous big brother and couldn't be happier for the family. Can't wait to meet Baby #2!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Don't You Forget About Me

Well I figure I better get to work on posting more often or no one is ever going to follow me again. Normally I like to post in order of the way things happen in life, or the way orders come in. But, since I haven't shown you anything cute in a while, I'm gonna switch it all up. For instance, I still haven't blogged about the baby shower I threw for Heather or our trip to Boston. But, I'm in the mood to show you some cute orders over the next couple of days. So I'll get to those things eventually...until then an outfit.
My friend Kendra's baby girl, Kennedy, just turned 1. Kendra asked me if I would do a birthday outfit for her. A couple months ago when Just Ducky had their big warehouse sale she picked up a plain white top and pants, she passed those on to me to 'dress up' for the outfit. When I sat down and talked with Kendra about what she wanted for Kennedy's outfit she said "Pink, Pink, Pink!" So, I took this outfit home and said that I would work some magic and jazz it up. We decided that she wanted a 1 with a crown like I have done for a couple other birthdays, as she was having a princess party too. And, of course, Kennedy's name would be on the top. Then she was thinking, perhaps put some ribbon or rick-rack on the white pants to give them a little something. In hindsight I wish I had taken a before picture of the outfit, but I did not. So I'll start by showing you her top.
Both Kendra and Kennedy are girly-girls, so I thought you can never go wrong with pom-poms for a girly-girl, right? So, on to the pants. I decided to gamble big where the pants were concerned. I knew that she was going to have professional pictures of Kennedy made in this outfit, and I had an inkling that the background would be solid white, as it is with most picture places. And, I kept thinking about how Kendra wanted PINK, PINK, PINK. So I didn't touch the white pants. I made her a new pair of pink, pink flounce pants.
Not bad, eh? Well it turns out Kendra absolutely LOVED it! Kennedy looked super cute, of course. But, I think it's a pretty cute outfit, here it is altogether.
I told her we could do something cute with the white pants for Christmas, so perhaps you'll see them in the future. We'll see.

Friday, October 1, 2010

John Henry

Many apologies for being such a slacker. Furthermore, I've been the worst aunt on earth. I haven't told you about my new sweet nephew, John Henry McIntyre. He was born on August 11.
Isn't he precious? Here he is with Uncle Nathan.
And with my mom, his Annie (that's her grandmother name).I just love him...and his sweet feet!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She's Back!

I apologize for my long-overdue return. I am's been a crazy month or so. I've been away 3 weeks in the past 6...and we go on one more trip this weekend. Fortunately, for the first time in a while, I will get to go with John on this trip. We are headed to Boston and I'm so excited about it! I'll tell you more about that on the flip side, until then I'll give you a little update on things.
About a month ago I made 2 kneeling pillows for a wedding. The couple had a logo designed using their's a pretty cool logo. They asked that I embroider their logo on to the fabric when making the pillows. Here's a peek at the logo...
...and the two pillows together.
I know, another crummy picture. On that note...we finally got a new camera! These were still taken with the old one...and I have so much learning to do on the new one. But you will get to track my progress through pictures here. :)
I know this was a quick update, but I promise to do at least one more before we go to Boston.